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the Greater Burlington Area
Spring 2022

Join Us In Celebration!

The arrival of spring in Northern Vermont is a cause for celebration after a long winter. Over the past few years many of us have become more attuned to rhythms of the nature and the diversity of life that surrounds us, even in our more urban settings. The cities of Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski and Colchester are teaming up with the University of Vermont, and lots of other partners this spring to celebrate these deepening connections with the more-than-human world through a series of activities and opportunities collectively known as City Nature Celebration

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Help document the diversity of life across the Burlington-Winooski landscape during a four-day bio-blitz (April 30 - May 3)

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We're panning for another hands-on experience at the Intervale this year. Join us on Saturday April 30th. 

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Join us on April 26 at Main Street Landing to learn about wildlife in the Burlington Area from speaker Declan McCabe.

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Help Create
a Nature Clock

Learn more about how the information collected in iNaturalist will help create a series of nature clocks. These clocks visualize the timing of recurring seasonal events in nature over 12 months.


We're planning more in-person learning opportunities and the City Nature Challenge group has lots of resources for teachers and parents.  

Helping Hands

It takes a whole group of partners to put together a regional event like this. Learn more about the organizations involved in this year's City Nature Celebration.