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The Educator Toolkit 

The original organizers of the City Nature Challenge have created easy-to-use toolkits for teachers and parents. Check out their educator basecamp resources for age-appropriate lessons and activities!


Step 1:
Get Ready to
Bring Kids Outside

Read the educator guide for tips for facilitating, managing, and supporting student outdoor learning and exploration in schoolyards, nearby park, or other green space.


Step 2:
Take Pictures of What you Find

Take a tour through iNaturalist, the website we will use in the U.S. to document observations. Learn how to best use this technology with students. This can be used in any formal or informal education setting.


Step 3:
Integrate into your  Education Program

View CNC's “Educator Basecamp,” recommended progressions for short classroom and field activities for formal and informal settings. See how they help to meet science standards and educational goals.

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Your Phone as a Naturalist Tool

Christine Hill (@tenderwarriorco) walks you through how iNaturalist is used for documenting biodiversity, and how it connects to City Nature Challenge.

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How to: iNaturalist app on iPhone 

How to make an observation on iNaturalist using the app for iPhone. Download from the Apple App Store!

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How to: iNaturalist app on Android 

How to make an observation on iNaturalist using the app for Android. Download from the Google Play Store!

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How to: iNaturalist on the web 

How to make an observation on iNaturalist by uploading your photos to the website!

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Downloadable PDFs

Check out the "how to use iNaturalist" and "iNaturalist guide" as well as the "Getting Started page" on the iNaturalist website.

Opportunities for Educators

Educators and learners of all ages are invited to participate in City Nature Celebration! 


Whether you are a high school student, college professor, elementary school teacher, or a home-school educator, there are many opportunities to deepen your connection through nature study.


Visit our events page to find an event you'd like to participate in! 

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