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the Greater Burlington Area
Spring 2022


City Nature Speaker Session

Join us, in person on April 26 at 6:30pm
at Main Street Landing.

Speaker: Declan McCabe

Mammals in the Queen City: The top of Burlington's food chain?

Diverse mammal communities in Burlington suggest that we still have the biologically diverse food chain to support them. For many years, Burlington's community of naturalists has used trail cameras to document the four legged friends that share our city. Getting past the urban stereotype of trash pandas and skunks raiding our garbage, come learn about the fascinating cast of characters in Burlington VT that ranges from bobcats to coyotes to fisher.


St. Michael's College students in collaboration with The Intervale Center, have combed through tens of thousands of grainy images of fuzzy nocturnal visitors to Vermont's largest city. Come see some of the highlights of our findings from Burlington and the greater Burlington area.


Come learn about Burlington's mammals, and about the steps we can take so that our city remains a fox and bobcat city, and does not become a squirrels and rats city.


Thanks to  Our Speaker Event Host: Main Street Landing!


City Nature Celebration & Tracking the Seasons

An Earth Day celebration that begins with an overview of the wild places of Burlington and Winooski,  followed by a second presentation: Seasons, Phenology, and A Mysterious Clock.

Speakers: Alicia Daniel, Zoe Richards, and Gustave Sexauer

Bee on Flower

Insects and Pollinators

This presentation will feature insects that emerge in Spring and play a key role in pollinating native and agricultural plants.

Speakers: Amy Seidl and Bryan Pfeiffer


Birds of Winooski and Burlington

In anticipation of World Migratory Bird Day (May 8), a local ornithologist will feature the natural history of bird species returning to Burlington and Winooski this spring.

Speaker: Allan Strong